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Here is the latest NEST news as requested! Do share with all your friends and invite them along too - it's all about having fun and meeting new people! I've just updated the website and you're the first to hear about it with the news.

As many of you already know, the next walk now is on Friday coming up this week, the 12th October and there are still places available. It's probably the easiest, shortest walk NEST does. We go to a spot with truly amazing views over Alhama - so bring binoculars if you have them! That's followed by a visit to the visitors' centre in Sierra Espuna, driving into the mountains with the opportunity of seeing wildlife, and a lovely meal in the hidden gem of the restaurant in the mountains where we often see wild boar. The walk is just 5 euros and the optional 4 course meal is 9 euros including coffee and a drink. It's a lovely way to get out and make new friends or see old ones!

The photography outing and meal yesterday in Alhama was again a great success and everyone really enjoyed themselves. The meal was fantastic too - there was so much choice for each course it was hard to remember what to choose from as the waiter reeled off all the choices - around 10 choices for each course! It was delicious and I'm sure we'll go back there again one day - any excuse!

We've now got another date organised for the photography group - Friday 9th November to go to Murcia city with our cameras, snapping at every opportunity and capturing anything that grabs our personal interest while wandering around the squares full of character in the back streets with their cafes and restaurants, where we'll also stop and have a break and before going back, a meal. We've also had fun showing each other some of the photos we got by uploading them to our private photography group on Facebook. It's interesting seeing all the different photographic takes from an outing of enthusiastic photographers!

You don't need to be 'good' or a 'pro' photographer to come along - as long as you really like taking photos and have a keen interest! Get in touch if you'd like to join the group and come with us on 9th November for a train trip to Murcia from Alhama de Murcia for an interesting photographic day out. At the moment these outings are free - just bring a smile!

Then at the end of the month on Friday 26th of October we'll be going to see the Snow Houses up in Sierra Espuna, which is always very interesting and a nice breath of truly fresh air up there! We also get a good view of the military installation up at the top of the mountains. That's 5 euros and the optional 4 course menu del dia meal is 9 euros including coffee. Everything will be a lot greener and prettier with the long-awaited rain having falled in Sierra Espuna!

Please book in by the usual methods, either email natureespunatrails@gmail.com, text message or phone to 679002147

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

Tel/text 679002147

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