Monday, 22 July 2013


See below info on upcoming Nest Walks http://www.nestwalks.info

The NEST website has three new new dates on it just uploaded now, including the NEST July birthday picnic party on Monday 29th July in the early evening, meeting in El Berro at 5.30 for an easy shady evening walk to see the Dinosaur's footprint and rope bridge followed by a picnic - bring your own, where we might stand the chance of seeing some wild boar. It'll be great fun if we do see the wild boar up there, and they love fresh salad or fruit and veg, so do bring something for them! They will probably be quite thirsty for watery fruit and veg at this time of year. Bring cameras to snap yourselves having fun, and crossing the easy solid bottomed rope bridge, and don't forget water (freeze a small bottle the day before, take the bottle from the freezer just before coming, and you'll have iced water on tap with you to sip at!) and a picnic!

After that we will have a rest during hot August and meet up again in mid September for a lovely relaxed walk around El Berro and the almond groves, in the cooler temps, possibly catching some almond harvesting. That will be meeting in El Berro at 10.30 a.m. on Thursday 12th September, in the car park opposite Camping Sierra Espuna.

Then in later September meeting in El Berro car park opposite Camping Sierra Espuna again at 10.30 a.m. on Friday 27th, we will be walking to the edge of the beautiful blue lake in the Gebas Moonscapes, followed by a lovely authentic Spanish meal with the chance of seeing wild boar in the beautiful mountain spot we love to go to.

If you'd like to invite your friends too, feel free to forward them this email and invite them to come along - and have a look at the website where there are some pictures shown of where we'll be going http://www.nestwalks.info

If you are new subscribers or if your friends haven't been to El Berro before, it's 25 mins from Alhama de Murcia and you will find very detailed directions on the NEST website, but in a nutshell, follow signs to El Berro and Camping Sierra Espuna from Alhama de Murcia town.

Come and make friends, join in a friendly gathering, discover new areas and have a lovely time! Your dogs are also very welcome on leads, specially on the birthday picnic occasion that doesn't involve a restaurant. The meals are always optional too if you just want to come on the walk and not for a meal.

It's just 5 euros for any of the short, easy, outings. Booking is essential so you can be contacted with any last minute changes with names and Spanish contact phone numbers by tel/text 679002147 or email natureespunatrails@gmail.com

You can also make up your own party of 10 people and have a tailor-made guided walk/outing on a day to suit you, anytime you like. Just ask! There are many different kinds of outings possible.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Tel/text 679002147

Interested in new music? Indreba - The Incredible Dream Band http://www.indreba.co.uk
and Indreba on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Indreba/110377142341?ref=ts

PS Also let me know if you or your friends are interested in photography and keen to join a photography group that goes out to different places just to take photos.. this is NOT a guided walk thing, it's a free group for true photography enthusiasts to all get together regularly, and take photos and talk about photography in a fun way rounded off with a meal (at whatever level using any camera).


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