Thursday, 22 August 2013


If you want to learn spanish, Earworms is superb, I have been using them to learn arabic and French and can thoroughly reccomend them. I used to teach English in multinational companies in Mexico a long time ago and believe the technique used on Earworms is superb.

Its not about going to a class once a week, its about trying to submerge yourself in a language, like I was when I was 8 and my parents threw me into a spanish school.

You can see other tips of how to bring spanish into your everday life in your home country here on a running blog post I write

The concept of Earworms is that you listen to cds or an app on your phone, these consist of 10 different chapters and cover phrases and words you will use. It is done to music and the same way you remember lyrics to songs you remember these words. The first time you learn something it goes into short term memory and through repetition it will move into long term memory.

Below is the CD version

Or you can download the app on your phone.


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